5 Things You Need To Know About Cleaning Carpet Stains 

Due to normal wear and tear on your carpet stains may need to be removed. There are many techniques to cleaning carpet stains. Here is a list of a few best practices when removing these stains from your carpet:

  • Cleaning Your Carpet
  • Cleaning Blood Stains
  • Cleaning Coffee Stains
  • Removing Wine Stains

Cleaning Your Carpet

  • Cleaning a residential home carpet twice a year should keep it looking clean year round.
  • Houses with pets may need to be cleaned more often, or less often with fewer people or pets.
  • Commercial buildings can save money by cleaning the areas of carpet that are used most.

Cleaning Blood Stains

  1. Blot with cold water never rub, this will only spread the spot. Synthetic carpets (nylon and other man made materials you may use peroxide).
  2. Again blot with clean white rag or terry clothtowel.
  3. Always rinse with fresh cold water after this.

Cleaning Coffee Stains

  1.  First blot the coffee up with towel, paper towels,or lay towel and blot with heavy weight.
  2.  Palm or even stand on towels, this will absorb most of the spill.
  3.  Using a spray bottle, mix one part white vintage, two parts warm water, spray spot, blot and repeat.
  4. When spot is removed rinse with cool water. Then fold towel lay over spot and add weight. This will act as a blotter and any remaining coffee will be absorbed into cloth not in carpet.

Cleaning Wine Stains

  • Wine can be handled the same way as coffee if this does not completely remove spot there are some red dye removers you can buy most work best with heat, but follow directions please.

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