Why Choose Mark IV For Your Carpet Cleaning?

Why Is Our Dry Carpet Cleaning Service Your Best Option?

We believe that our dry carpet cleaning is the best option for your home or commercial property. The dry carpet cleaning process offers:

  • Faster Floor Cleaning
  • Longer Carpet Life (Save money on buying new carpets!)
  • Relieves The Cause Of Allergies
  • 100% Child & Pet Safe

Fast Floor Cleaning For Immediate Use

Our dry carpet cleaning method means that there is no wait for your carpets to dry when our cleaning process is complete. This is perfect if you have constant traffic in your building and can’t block off the floors for a long period of time.

Triple The Length Of Your Carpet Life

The dry carpet cleaning process is far less damaging to your carpets. This means that your carpet will not only continue to look great, but will last up to 3 times longer than if you were to clean it with a different process.

Relieve Allergies By Removing 90% Of Collegens

If you are effected by allergies, our dry carpet cleaning methods can help relieve the cause of your symptoms. With the dry carpet cleaning process, we are able to remove 90% of dust mites and allergens when we finish cleaning your carpet.

Child & Pet Safe

The dry carpet cleaning tools that we use are completely safe for children and pets. Our team is confident in using it and being exposed all day, every day while working on our customer’s floors.

Want to learn more? Contact us now and we’ll answer any questions that you have and schedule an appointment to clean your carpets.