Floor Stripping And Waxing

Keep your facility shining, presentable and clean by choosing our budget-friendly floor stripping and waxing services.

You might be planning to strip or wax your office floor through your in-premise housekeeping service but floor stripping and waxing is not like regular floor cleaning. If you use the wrong method, then you will end up ruining the quality and shine of your floor forever. Choose Mark IV Carpet Cleaning floor stripping and waxing services and get the job done professionally and without spending a fortune.

Why floor stripping and waxing is necessary?

It doesn’t matter how good your floor is. How or how new it is, with the advancement of time, dust, and debris, will start hampering the look, shine, and quality of your floor. And since the floor is one of the most important parts of an office, you need to keep it maintained. In most of the cases, the floor first turns yellow and then grey because of too many layers of waxing. Well, skipping waxing is not a solution to this problem and that’s why you need floor stripping. On the other hand, during the winter season, abrasives and salt get settled on the floor and that’s why they need to be waxed regularly.

Our process of floor stripping and waxing

We use the following process for floor stripping and waxing

Floor stripping- This is the first step of our floor stripping and waxing service in which we remove the previous layers of waxing from the floor. By stripping the floor, we can get rid of all the dirt and debris on the floor and make it bare for waxing.

Sealant- After stripping the floor, we start the sealing process in which we use industry leaders for sealers solutions and seal the floor precisely. After that, we buff the floor to a sparkling shine. Both the sealer and the gloss finish help us to minimize marks and scratches on your floor and give it a new life.

Floor waxing– Finally, we begin the waxing process, which gives a protective and rich glow to your floor.

Why Mark ICarpet Cleaning?

Advanced Technology- We use the most advanced technology for providing world-class floor stripping and waxing services. We believe in providing our customers, the best cleaning service by using the latest technology and that’s why our customers trust us. We partner with the most trusted and reputed manufacturers in the industry for transforming your organization.

Long years of experience– Over the past 50 years, we have developed tried and tested methods for floor stripping and cleaning services. It doesn’t matter which type of floor you have or in which condition your floor is. We will take care of it. Our five decades of presence in the cleaning industry have helped us to build a world-class stripping and waxing tile floors service.

Pocket-friendly price– Right from the beginning, we have followed the approach of fair pricing for our professional floor waxing and floor stripping service. It doesn’t matter how low your budget it, our stripping wax off vinyl floors service will fit in like a glove in your budget.