Wood Floor Waxing

In years past, wood floors were cleaned and maintained by wax. Still there are people who like this done to their floors.

Wax of floors can be done with two different types of wax

  • a solvent wax (butchers) or
  • carnauba wax which is vegetable based or a mix.

The type of waxed used on your floor is determined based on inspection of the floors.

How Are Wood Floors Waxed?

The best way to explain how wood floors are waxed is that it’s like polishing shoes.

First, wax is scrubbed on to the floor with rotary machine with a steel wool pad. This cleans the floor and hold the soil in the steel wool pad.

After working the wax into the floor in many directions covering the whole floor.

We then go over it again with a brush, which helps to start the floor’s shine. Sometimes at this point you may see swirls in the shine of the floor.

This is when we go over a third time with a buffing pad. The buffing pad not only even out the swirls but hardens the wax.

After these three steps are done we dust off the floor.  Vinyl floors can be maintained the same way but most the time and done with liquid finish many still call (wax).

By maintaining floors this way, your floors will stay looking beautiful for years while protecting the floor from spills as well as make dusting much easier.

Be careful of the liquid finishes for wood floors because this can cause a build and removal of these finishes are time consuming and costly. Waxing does not cause build up and prolong the life of your floor while maintaining its beauty.