Furniture Cleaning Service

Are you thinking of completely replacing your furniture and buy newer ones only because your existing ones have started to lose shine that they had? 

We all think of it once in a while but buying a piece of newer furniture could burn a hole in your pocket. Why buy when a  professional furniture cleaning service can make your furniture look as good as new . Not only do you get your furniture back to life but they also will save you significantly on money.

Why do you need them?

Regular use by kids, adults, pets can expose your beautiful chairs, leather sofas, and couch to stains, dust, dead cells, sweat, pet hair, and pollen that not only makes the furniture dirty but unhygienic too. The thought of your kids and guests sitting on any of them is cringing on its own. Also, you don’t want anyone to judge you just because you have stained and smelly furniture.

We being the professionals know exactly how to deal with these specks of dirt and make sure to sanitize your furniture from the germs too. We have 50+ years of experience in doing so with extensive experience and utilizing proper equipment to deal with any big or small cleansing related problem.

Why Choose a Cleaning Service over DIY?

Firstly, taking the cleaning part in your own hands most of the time makes the matter worse. It can degrade your furniture’s present condition. We recommend you to dial up for a cleaning service to save your money, time and precious upholstery too. Because it’s better to invest in professional service than spending money time and again in DIY products that won’t give desired results .

How do we work? 

Fabric Care: Every furniture has a tag on it which indicates whether to use solvents, hot water, cold water, or just detergents. Our trained and certified cleaning professionals hold extensive experience in exactly how a fabric must be treated.

Fabrics that can be washed at home can sometimes get stains while cleaning, so it’s better to entrust this part to experts.

Handling stains: When a service request comes across, inspecting your upholstery thoroughly is the first step. We note the fabric type, color, age and then provide you with the best approach. Spot treating an area of the couch that needs the highest attention is the second step.

Deep cleaning process: After spot cleaning the furniture, the deep cleaning part comes into play. Water and chemicals are evenly and properly applied to the furniture and then high-power equipment is used to extract the dirt and water. This deep and proper treatment makes your furniture squeaky clean and hygienic.

We recommend calling our cleaning service in NJ once a year and you will never fall in a position where you have to replace them.