Commercial Hardwood Floors

Do you own a wooden floor in your premise and wish it would remain in good shape even in the future? Well, then choose our hardwood floor waxing services and keep your premise presentable.

Keeping your hardwood floor clean should be your number one priority because hardwood floors aren’t cheap. If you use the regular cleaning method on your hardwood floor, then it will never last long and it will lose its shine and texture in just a couple of years. All you need to do is choose Mark IV Carpet Cleaning as your hardwood floor cleaning partner.

Choose us as your vinyl wood floor cleaner partner and make hardwood floor waxing economical

Why is hardwood floor waxing necessary?

Hardwood floors are the number one choice in commercial areas because, in addition to giving a classical look, it mixes with every type of look. It is true that most of the businesses owner takes pride in their shining and opulent looking hardwood floors but maintaining the same look and feel for the upcoming years might become a challenging task. This is why you need expert hardwood floors cleaning and waxing services. Professional cleaning companies like Mark IV Carpet Cleaning know how to take care of your expensive hardwood floor.

We are a renowned professional hardwood floor cleaning expert

What is involved in our Hardwood floors c leaning and waxing service?

Well, after choosing Mark IV Carpet Cleaning as your hardwood floor cleaning and waxing partner, you can expect the following things from us:-

  • We will send some experts from our company to your premises so that they can access your floor. By analyzing the type of hardwood floor you have, our experts will choose the best cleaning and waxing services.
  • After the completion of the assessment, our experts will begin the cleaning process by using the latest tools. It will help us to make the hardwood floor bare for waxing.
  • When your hardwood floor is sparkling clean, our experts will begin buffing the floor to remove every type of stain. Finally, waxing and polishing will be done for making your hardwood floor shine to its glory.

Why Mark IV Carpet Cleaning?

1. Eco-friendly methods- We believe in keeping the environment green and clean. This is why we use eco-friendly methods in hardwood floor cleaning and waxing services. By choosing as your hardwood floor cleaning partner, you will contribute towards the betterment of the environment. We use eco-friendly floor wax for hardwood floors.

2. Experience- We have been providing hardwood floor cleaning and waxing services for almost 50 years, and that’s why you can trust our tried and tested methods. Our long years of experience have helped us to build a world-class method of cleaning that keeps our customers satisfied.

3. Fast process- We know that no one likes to interrupt their business because of cleaning services and that’s why our experts complete the hardwood floor cleaning services in minimal possible time and without compromising on the quality of service.