Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Technology

When cleaning upholstery or fine fabric rugs, I use a Von Schrader upholstery cleaning machine, which uses air cell cleaning technology.  The Esprit upholstery cleaning machine makes a low moisture foam which is 90 percent air cells and only 10 percent water.  This allows the furniture to dry very quickly, usually in an hour or two.

The cleaning solution is strong enough to break down the soil and grim but safe enough for fine fabrics like wool and synthetic fibers.  The two counter rotating brushes scrub in the foam, breaking down the soil and encapsulating the soil and grim until it can be vacuumed up with its built in vacuum.

With the versatility of the detergents, this machine can easily be used on leather with a special leather lather and leather lotion.  This leather lotion not only brings back the luster of the leather, but leaves an aroma of fresh leather furniture right out of the showroom.

This upholstery machine is also well suited for cleaning tight spots like cars, boats and RVs, as well as air craft where quick drying time is a must.  The machines long hose reaches up a full flight of stairs and is good to get around office cubicles.

“Green Seal” Upholstery Products

The Von Schrader Company is producers of “Green Seal” certified products. All the products used in the esprit upholstery cleaning system are green cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment. All chemicals are safe for your children, pets and fine fabrics. These cleaning solutions are also biodegradable and landfill disposable.