Selecting A Safe And Effective Cleaning Method 

Whether you clean your carpet yourself or hire a professional, you’re going to still want to select your carpet cleaning method carefully. There are two main types of deep-down carpet cleaning systems: Wet and Dry Extraction.

Wet Extraction Systems

These systems inject a hot water and detergent solution into the carpet pile under pressure. Then a vacuum attachment is used to extract the dissolved soil.

Advantage Of Wet Systems

They attempt to remove soil as they clean.

Disadvantages Of Wet Systems

They are difficult to use; caution and skill are required to avoid streaking and overwetting.

Vacuuming all dissolved soil from a wet carpet is impossible.

Many do-it-yourself machines remove only 50% of the dirty water.

Carpets may resoil quickly.

As the carpet dries, “wicking” may occur. This means that the soil and spots may reappear at the fiber tips.

The carpet may take eight to 36 hours to dry, depending on humidity.

The Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System

Host deep-cleans even the dirtiest carpet while deodorizing and leaving a fresh scent.

Host is effective on all types of natural and synthetic carpet, and is especially ideal for deep-cleaning stain resistant carpets.

The lightweight machine is easy to use.

Carpet may be walked on during the cleaning process and used immediately afterwards.

Heavy furniture need not be removed from the room. No furniture protectors are necessary, either.

Traffic areas may be cleaned and blended into surrounding areas that are not soiled.

No shrinking, mildewing, overwetting, or delaminating occurs.

Host Cleaner leaves no detergent residue, so carpets don’t resoil quickly.

The Host System is also effective for cleaning tough spots which won’t reappear.