How To Clean A Wet Spot 

Blot the spot by pressing firmly with clean, white paper towels or cloth towels. Stand on the towels to speed up the absorption.

Continue blotting, and use more towels if necessary. Repeat until there is no more moisture or color transfer.

Some of the spill will have run down to the backing, out of sigh, and may “magically” reappear hours or even days later. To avoid this common problem, brush a handful of Host Dry Carpet Cleaner where the spot occurred.

Afterwards, you’re going to want to pack the area with a generous amount of dry cleaner. Do not place anything over the Host Cleaner.

Please allow the area to dry completely. This process can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. After the area is dried completely, you’re going to want to vacuum thoroughly. If any traces of the spot remains, use liquid Host Spot Remover.