Keep Your Carpet Beautiful All Year Round

If you want to keep your carpet beautiful all year round, follow these simple carpet care and cleaning tips. Your carpet is an investment worth keeping, so let’s help it stay that way!

Use Door Mats

special care carpets 300x135 Keep Your Carpet Beautiful All Year Round

Don’t let your carpet become a source for dirt!

Obvious enough right? But we’re talking about simplicity here! If you want to minimize the amount of tracking soil into your home, use door mats at all your entrances. Don’t forget to clean them regularly as well too, or they’ll end up being a source for tracked-in dirt!

 Vacuum Frequently

For the best looking results for your carpet, you’re going to want to use an upright model with a brush roller or a tank model with a power brush attachment.

Vacuum slowly. Give special attention to the areas on which are most walked on such as between doorways, in front of the TV, and around favorite furniture.

You’re going to want to make at least three passes with your vacuum in these areas once a week. Setting aside a specific day of the week for vacuuming can really help with ensuring your carpet stays clean and beautiful. How about those boring Sundays?

Clean Up Spots And Spills Immediately

The key to preventing stains (which are permanent) is to clean spots and spills as soon as they occur. Unfortunately, there are some things that will stain the carpet immediately and cannot be removed.

By using Host Dry Cleaner, it will deodorize and also leave a fresh scene while it cleans. It will also keep your carpet from spoiling as quickly as when it is cleaned with household products not designed for carpets.

HOST CARPET CLEANING Keep Your Carpet Beautiful All Year Round

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